Educational Publishers

Working closely with content creators, instructional designers, and marketing departments at educational publishers, VLinks Media has built the leading platform to convert their static content and turn it into an interactive course. The VLM solution has powered robust self-study courses, test prep solutions, and flash card applications designed to engage the learner and increase success rates. The flexibility of the platform has helped publishers fulfill a number of goals:

    • Marketing
    • Revenue – New Product line
    • Enhancing an existing course
    • Self-study solution
    • Test-preparation
    • Assessment delivery and tracking


Corporate Training

Building off the methodologies and expertise that has made our platform successful with educational publishers, VLinks Media is enhancing the experience for adult learners in a corporate setting. We work with corporations to create a personalized training experience for their employees while providing a rich set of data and analytics to track progress, accountability, and improvement. The result of using the VLM platform to deliver training is increased user engagement and knowledge retention which in turn improves performance and decreases training costs. The VLM platform has delivered corporate training courses including but not limited to the following:

    • Certification and Licenses
    • Sales Training
    • IT and Systems Training
    • Product and Workplace Training
    • Compliance Training


VLinks Media is always searching for partnerships where our proven technology can enhance the learning experience for as many adult learners and employees around the world as possible. We seek out best in class partners who are passionate about improving how people learn. Whether you are a content provider, channel partner, or synergistic technology partner, we are building a network to drive business together and deliver courses to all adult learners. Please send us an email at to learn more.